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We provide strategies to improve life for those who desire


Imagine All The Limitless Possibilities!

Dr. K.  Mischele Watson
CEO, Executive Coach and Mentor

Dr. K. Mischele Watson is CEO and Visionary of Appreciate Change Consulting, LLC. 

Dr. Watson holds a Ph.D. in Organization and Management from Capella University, a Master of Science in Organizational Management from Pfeiffer University, and a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Development from Saint Augustine College.  


She brings over 25 years of business industry experience, 20 years as a post secondary educator, 12 years of senior leadership experience, certified life coach, mentor, and a sought after conference speaker and lecturer. She is the author of three books related around the power of change. She uses proven methodologies and strategies to support change both personally and professionally.  


Dr. Watson is an amazing "storyteller" with an extraordinary finesse to share the power of imagining all the wonderful possibilities to embrace change. She is a confident professional and leader who is extremely passionate about helping others appreciate the power of change in every area of their lives. She prides herself on taking a personal approach to coach and mentors others. Her goal is to provide expert-level consulting to help individuals realize the best part of change is living it out loud.

To hear more about her vision for Appreciate Change Consulting SEND HER AN EMAIL TODAY!

Dezirray Watson
Special Education Coach and Mentor

Ms. Watson is our Special Education Coach and Mentor. Ms. Watson holds a Master of Science in Human and Community Services from Capella University and a Bachelor of Science in Special Education from Winston-Salem State University. She brings 16 years of formal experience working with parents, young adults, and children with special needs. 


She began her career in the area of special education due to a cousin who had Down Syndrome and a sister with delayed speech, language, and development.


Ms. Watson is a guiding light providing insight and expertise as a professional teacher, special education advocate, and life coach. Parents commit their lives to their children with developmental disabilities and in the process, they often lose themselves. This is where Ms. Watson helps parents connect to the bigger picture and also works directly with young adults and adults with special needs to find their way.


She is experienced in writing IEP, 504 Plans, working with those with brain injuries, and providing strategies for successful life coaching. Her experience has helped parents, student, and other community advocates partner together in a collaborative way to reach client needs. Ms. Watson's expertise is based on complex casework including Autism, ADHD/ADD, and various forms of learning disabilities.

Tilyn Muhammad
Social & Behavioral Health Coach and Mentor

Ms. Muhammad serves as Vice President and Social & Behavioral Health Coach and Mentor. Ms. Muhammad has an Associate of Science Degree and is currently pursuing her bachelor's degree in Healthcare Management and brings over 15 years of experience in behavioral health coaching, counseling, and healthcare management.


She has extensive experience in providing and prioritizing quality and effective services for adults, children, and adolescents with social and behavioral health challenges. She specializes in the development and implementation of person-center, recovery-based coaching plans.


She leads the day-to-day operations and works with clients to foster the development of new improved independent living skills and is committed to the implementation and sustainability of evidence-based life coaching models specific to client needs.


Ms. Muhammad works effectively to maintaining support, awareness, and coaching to diverse clients in need of change toward new life goals.



Talayah Barnes-Hughes
General Office Coordinator

Talayah Barnes-Hughes serves as our Office Assistant scheduling meetings, composing correspondence, planning appointments coordinating new client needs, and welcome activities. 


Talayah also manages team calendars and has been an active part of Appreciate Change Consulting, LLC since it’s beginning.

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