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Dr. K. Mischele Watson


Founder and Visionary

When Change Becomes Your ONLY Option


In "When Change Becomes Your ONLY Option," Dr. Watson shares the amazing solutions to honoring yourself first—even if your road is filled with mistake after mistake.  From her journey as a young middle child to an unexpected divorce after 32 years, Dr. Watson explores what it means to find your own purpose and direction with no apologies. She helps others to understand when real change happens, and how it’s going to get uncomfortable so get used to it. This book is for everyone who desperately needs to experience the REAL power of CHANGE.





Thinking Out Loud About CHANGE

Available NOW on Amazon, BN, Bam Books 

In her second phenomenal book, Dr. Watson encourages hundreds of people to embrace the full power of change and proudly and confidently “think out loud” about it by imagining all the wonderful possibilities. Dr. Watson shares her best thinking of making measurable and sustainable change. Change that promotes growth and longevity turning your dreams into a reality whether personally or professionally. She explores what it means to live your best change, even through difficult times and avoiding the pitfalls and traps of an all-or-nothing mentality.  She helps readers to view life through a different lens and focus on the change that will make a direct difference in their lives.




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