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MentorMe 3.0


MentorMe 3.0 Series

"Where the center of attention is YOU"

Next Cohort Registration:  June 30. 2024


Our new and improved mentorship series MentorMe 3.0 is a proven approach to drive rich learning and development for both mentors and mentees.


Most everyone wants to have someone who will help to hold them accountable for the goals they want to achieve. Building a relationship with someone who can advise our personal and professional pathways can seem like a daunting task.


I've known lots of people who have struggled in this area and don't know what direction to turn. Some people have even said, "don't ask someone you don't know to mentor you." Well, I'm here to tell you that it depends.  I've found sometimes asking someone you don't know, who isn't biased to providing you clear and concise advice could be the answer you really need. We help our clients adopt a view about themselves that profoundly affects the way they lead their lives. 


I have had people ask questions such as:


1) What do you need a mentor for?

2) What is the purpose of mentoring?

3) what type of skills do you gain from a mentoring relationship?


These are all great questions and I have great answers and we can talk about those with our 30-minute FREE  consultation. 


Our MentorMe 3.0 Series is a special and unique approach to growing oneself personally and professionally.  We offer creative, transformative, supportive, trustworthy, and invaluable support through your change process. We use the best practices and strategies to provide a solid foundation for your mentoring experience. We also provide the tools for setting milestones for specific goals and activities that work. 


Our 12-month virtual series fees are worth every penny. We can arrange a cohort of people or individual mentorship. The choice is yours. Join our next cohort registration opens June 30, 2024


Reach out to us for "special" pricing that you cannot turn down. Let's get together and talk about the mindset that is keeping most people stuck in wishing, longing, and hoping...but never actually LIVING the life we are meant to live. My goal is to help sort through how you can reverse this immediately to move forward successfully. Let's do it together! 



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