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Life, Career, Professional Development, Executive Coaching, Social & Behaviorial Health, and Special Education Coaching

At Appreciate Change Consulting, LLC, (ACC) we provide services in several areas. We work to be specific in what we provide around personal or professional life, career, executive coaching, professional development, and educational coaching services that are personalized design plan and investment in self. We work to look at each person individually and their goals and life transitions. We help our clients discover where they want to go next in life or correct areas of concern they have in their present life. We work to set a course and plan of action to make life what our clients desire it to be. We help our clients understand there is no need to wish, hope, and believe in something that they are not willing to work for in appreciating the power of change.


No one company is the same as another, we will work one-on-one with clients to create clear goals and actionable strategies as we coach, guide, determine potential roadblocks, and strategies to identify for success. Our customized plans a designed to best fit your specific needs to ensure maximum results.


"MentorMe" 3.0 "FOCUS ON YOU" Virtual Mentorship

In any field, having a mentor can help individuals develop and advance their personal lives or careers. Mentors are especially important in making life choices.


A strong mentoring relationship is built on collaboration and the commitment to the professional development of one or both of its participants. While in the typical mentoring relationship, one participant has more experience, skill, knowledge than the other, many strong mentoring relationships provide an opportunity for both parties to learn from each other through the development of a caring and respectful partnership.


Why a Mentor?


There are a number of benefits to building a mentor relationship with a seasoned professional, most notably access to new contacts, knowledge, and skills. Mentors can do a number of things for your career.  They can help you build your resume, guide you on a project, and help you identify resources, including referring you to other mentors and important people in your field.


We are proud to say that our mentors help develop your strategic thinking, connections, contacts, resources, and opportunities.  Having a mentor provides our clients with an open space in which to raise issues, tackle challenges, and nurture growth.


Our customized mentorship program, MentorMe 20/21, can also be designed to best fit your specific needs. Our team will build a custom mentorship program and analysis process to ensure maximum results.


Youth, Adult and Parent Special Education Life Coaching

Our society must be better prepared to address individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. 1 in 26 families in the United States has a child who has been diagnosed with special needs. A diagnosis of special needs ranges from autism, down syndrome, or other developmental disabilities, the lives of these families need support. Appreciate Change Consulting, offers top experts in working with parents and children with special needs. Our coaches work with families to ensure they and their children, have access to supportive encouragement, resources, skills training, and knowledge that leads to a fulfilling life. We understand how parents give themselves 100% to their children and we will give 100% as our client.


ACC actively works with families to determine specific needs. Our coaching and mentoring services work diligently to improve the quality of life for those with special needs. Our team will build a custom plan, program, and analysis process to ensure maximum results.


Social and Behavioral Health Coaching

Our Social and Behavioral Health coaching team works with clients to implement behavior plans and goals that support their personal development in socially appropriate settings. We provide support for socially appropriate behaviors, functional communication strategies, community safety, and skill generalization across multiple community environments. Our approach to social and behavior life coaching is working with individuals or groups that incorporate behavioral strategy models to facilitate the desired change.


Our team will build a custom plan, program, and analysis process to ensure maximum results.

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