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Let's Just Talk About It...


We are excited to launch very soon our new Podcast - "Let's Just Talk About Ithosted by our parent company, Appreciate Change Consulting and Appreciate Change Media Produtions with our phenomenal HOST, Dr. K. Mischele Watson.


Do you ever just stop and think out loud? Things that make you wonder why others decide to do things a particular way or what makes us tick outside the box of societal norms? Educator, Author, and Change Management Expert, Dr. K. Mischele Watson is tapping into her years of personal and professional experiences to explore the barriers to considering amazing new possibilities through the power of CHANGE. This new podcast will drive an enlightened conversation to address our own roadblocks and understand and account for the barriers that keep others bound by an all or nothing mentality.


Dr. Watson and many of her guests will provide insights into how to actually learn to see through a different lens and focus on the change that will make a difference for a lifetime. It will inspire you to laugh, cry and imagine all the possibilities as they talk about it despite life’s traumas or circumstances. We will never become better if we don’t just talk about it out loud.


I am so motivated for you and for me. If I could tell my story, change became my ONLY option and my motivation to keep going when things no longer looked the same in my life. Do you know that God has the capacity to change your story? Go ahead and change your story, it's yours anyway.


This is what energized and inspired me to develop this new podcast. So stay tuned as more details emerge. We hope you will become one of our faithful subscribers.


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