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We are excited to launch very soon our new Podcast - "Changing Lives" hosted by our parent company, Appreciate Change Consulting and HOST, Dr. K. Mischele Watson.


The overarching goal for this new podcast is to help as many people who will listen and learn about the power of CHANGE. We as a people and community are constantly experiencing different levels of change and we just want to talk about how to maneuver through it all.


I am so motivated for you and for me. If I could tell my story, change became my ONLY option and my motivation to keep going when things no longer looked the same in my life. Do you know that God has the capacity to change your story? Go ahead and change your story, it's yours anyway.


This is what energized and inspired us to develop this new podcast. So stay tuned as more details emerge. We hope you will become one of our faithful subscribers.


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